Abstract Submission Guidelines


Submit your abstract (maximum 250 words) to donie@isi-ska.ac.id
The abstract should contain of the content of the paper followed by 5-7 keywords.
It shows the perspective that the author(s) use(s) in the paper, methodology used in the investigation, and findings of the research. Also, please include name, institution, e-mail address. It will take no more than a week to get response from the reviewers.


Use only Microsoft Word format, not PDF.
Paper should not exceed 5000 words, including title, keywords, and references.
References should be cited in the body of the text.
The writer is responsible for the content.
Text is not published or under review for other publications.
If English is not your mother tongue please consult native to avoid mistakes.
The structure of the paper should include:



*Research findings



*References Cited

Please note that the deadline for submissions is strict.